“We Are Media”

This post is part of a What Is Media series. We’ll be unpacking this idea in more depth and detail in coming posts.

For the last 10 years, High10 Media’s unofficial tagline has been “We are media.” While we never defined it formally, everyone who ever worked at High10 knew what it meant. 

Representing so many of today’s greatest media brands and companies—from agenda-setting news organizations, to transformative industry outlets, to format-breaking entertainment companies, movie studios and more—we’ve become stitched into the very fabric of the media. We’ve learned to think and act like a media company, and even model the way we work after the fast-paced, ideas-driven world of the newsroom.

But as we’ve grown and developed, the idea that “We are media” has evolved in an incredibly powerful way.

In the past, when you’d speak about “the media” you’d generally mean the news and entertainment media. But those boundaries have been exploded by the digital revolution and the rise of the connection economy. Media is no longer defined by who communicates, but how they communicate.

Lifestyle brands now provide their audiences with rich content related to their lives. Forward-thinking retailers are no longer just advertising but telling stories their audiences want to be a part of. Aid organizations, artists, musicians, trade associations, governments and virtually everyone in between no longer connect to audiences through the media. Instead, they have become their own medium of connectivity. 

High10’s evolution reflects this shift. In addition to our core role of connecting clients with the news and entertainment media (a role that’s still crucially important), we’ve also become a means for clients to connect directly with audiences. 

We help them do the creative, thinking-heavy, problem-solving work of finding the stories that resonate, ordering them into effective narratives, packaging them into formats, and delivering them to audiences. This is exactly the description of what the media has always done, and still does. 

With this still-unfolding transformation we’re discovering new opportunities and facing a diverse set of challenges. That’s what makes communications endlessly fascinating. Where once we were coaches strategizing behind the scenes and on the sidelines, today  we are squarely on the playing field, where we’re moving the game forward.