Mind Over Matter Matters When It Comes to Your Communications Needs

We live in a society that so often tells us that size matters, and bigger or more is better. It may be, but it may not be, ultimately it’s irrelevant when your goal is to communicate with those who matter to you, and when it comes to choosing your communications agency, it’s the thinking, the creativity, insight, contacts and relationships that really matter.

If you’ve done an internet search for a small agency, you’ve likely run across the word “boutique.” Today, a boutique agency can be anything from a one-person operation to a company with 100 employees. But why seek either a boutique agency or a large agency? The assumption that you’ll be getting the attention of the executive with a boutique agency is just an assumption. With a large agency the assumption tends to be that the results will be more exposure. 

In our experience, what people really want is a dedicated team of smart individuals who can help a company take the next step and better achieve its goals. Determine whether or not your objectives and your brand have been fully understood and the strategy put before you will likely be one you instantly recognize as the right way to go. When you sign with an agency for its thinking, insight and press contacts you become a core part of their business, and your account team is going to work tirelessly to provide consistently excellent service. 

When you meet with a potential new agency – big or small – you should always ask who your account team will be. Too often, the agency executive you’re meeting with will disappear and you may find yourself interfacing with more junior team members when it comes time to do the work. Junior team members are often diligent, intelligent professionals who strive for excellence on behalf of their clients, but if you want the executive to collaborate with you, it must be clarified at the outset.

The quality of your account team is a critical factor. Make sure that each team member is a highly organized, professional, articulate, results-oriented individual with a predisposition for intellectual curiosity. Together, a team with these qualities, combined with a stable of mutually beneficial professional relationships with journalists, are sure to lead you on a path to success. 

Ultimately, the search for the right communications agency is an individual one – only you know what your business truly needs, and regardless of whether you choose a big agency or a small one, you should ask yourself: Do you trust the team you’re working with? Have they thoroughly understood your brand, your needs and objectives? Do you know that they have heard you? Do you believe they can get the job done? And after a several months, are you seeing progress? We hope that, whomever you work with, they deliver for and with you!