High10 Questions With…

Muck Rack COO Natan Edelsburg

With High10 Media’s 10th Anniversary approaching, we’ve asked some of the most dynamic people in media a few key questions to get their take on the industry and beyond. We kick off with someone who’s got his pulse on PR and the media, Muck Rack COO Natan Edelsburg.

1. Based on the studies you undertook this year, are you anticipating updates or changes to the platform?

Definitely, our State of Journalism survey and State of PR survey give us lots of insights into what tools we should build for both journalists and PR pros. For example, we launched Trends recently as both a tool for PR people (see PRWeek coverage) and journalists (see Poynter coverage) because of the interest we saw in the need for faster and easier to navigate analytics. 

2. For PR pros engaging with reporters on your platform, what are the top tips you suggest for better results?

The number one reason journalists reject otherwise relevant pitches is because of the lack of personalization. We highly recommend always researching a journalist’s past coverage and tweets, searching for specific keywords they write about often and making sure they haven’t covered a topic already.

We also recommend using our email productivity tool to better customize messages. When you have a longer list of journalists to pitch, it’s still important to customize each message. Our Pitching tool helps make it easier to customize and even calls you out if you haven’t customized enough of your emails! 

3. What do you see as the biggest areas/opportunities for growth on the platform in 2020? (Global, social, etc.)

There are two major areas we plan on growing in 2020. Number one is to deliver easier to use insights and analytics for our customers and users. We’ve already had great coverage reporting and analysis and with our new Trends product we’re making it easier than ever to search across our entire database and system of articles.

We are also going to help PR teams collaborate better than ever before. There are now 6 PR pros to every 1 journalist so it’s more important than ever not to overlap. Muck Rack is developing our CRM-style features so you can assign owners to journalists, share media lists like Google Docs and collaborate on notes and pitches. Here’s a piece we wrote on why PR pros need CRMs too.

4. Digging deeper into the types of stories/storylines most frequently placed by PR pros, do you anticipate a study on themes that are most useful for reporters to receive?

Definitely, especially with our new Trends tool in place. For example we are easily able to understand what the journalism community thinks about any topic, within seconds. Here’s a Trends report for which of the Best Supporting Actress nominees for the Oscars had more buzz from journalists.

5. How can PR pros help the platform and in turn help themselves? Are you asking for greater engagement for suggestions to beats/reporters/contact updates that you aren’t already getting?

We love being asked this question! Every conversation we have with a customer or user of Muck Rack is extremely helpful. Most of the tools we have built have been because of ideas we’ve received from our users. 

One of the biggest ways PR pros can help is by sharing their ideas, suggestions and issues with us. Besides engaging with us on social media, on Muck Rack you message us anytime with your ideas and suggestions. Our customer success and editorial teams will be there to listen, respond and improve! 

Thanks Natan! Readers can check out Muck Rack here!