Deaf Film Camp

A Massive Social Campaign

In the summer of 2014, High10 launched a social media campaign for Deaf Film Camp, a newly-born summer camp for deaf and hard of hearing teens. Setting out to raise awareness about the camp’s mission, expand fundraising opportunities and position it as a leader on deaf advocacy, we built a massive social media campaign around the camp’s end-of-summer project, a powerful and heart-warming music video of Pharrell Williams’ hit song, “Happy,” performed in American Sign Language.

  • Putting “Happy in ASL” in front of the right editors, we got the video picked up by followed by The Huffington Post , with 20,000 Facebook Likes, and The Telegraph,with 4,000 Facebook Likes and 4,000 Shares.

  • With this momentum, we created a flood of coverage, including in, Today show,, Yahoo!, Daily Mail, Elle, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, the Wrap, Perez Hilton, Extra, The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Diane Sawyer presented the video to viewers of ABC World News—not once but twice—and topping it all off, Pharrell tweeted the “Happy in ASL” video, also not just once but with two separate Tweets.

  • “Happy in ASL” ended up #1 on Buzzfeed’s list of 2014 events for the deaf community; made the Today show’s “25 Most Inspirational Stories of 2014” list; and was named by People magazine one of the top “Internet Trends of 2014”