Adweek Relaunch

Adweek was about to embark on the magazine’s greatest transformation in its 33-year-long history, rolling sister publications Brandweek and Mediaweek into the Adweek brand and undertaking a wholesale redesign of the publication. It was by all accounts a bold if risky move, and required a dynamic, carefully constructed media strategy to help ensure success in the public eye.

High10 Media initiated a detailed consultation and advisory process with Adweek’s executives and senior editorial staff to create a cohesive, well-synched media strategy to manage the media rollout of the new Adweek. Working from this strategy we went to the media, starting with a prominent article in the Wall Street Journal that ran on the day of the magazine’s re-launch and continuing with a massive media campaign that highlighted the magazine and its top editor in publications like the New York Times, Yahoo!, PaidContent, New York Magazine, Mediaite, Business Insider, Folio, and CNN, among others.